Back Story


About Zuffengruppe

In 2010 Fuelfed, an exclusive club for all classic European cars, started hosting its trademark Coffee & Classics© events for classic European cars in the streets of downtown Winnetka, IL. The events are the progenitor to what is today generically known as Cars & Coffee. In spring of 2011 when Fuelfed Coffee & Classics featured air-cooled Porsches, the event was overrun. Fuelfed’s organizers (long-time vintage Porsche owners) felt air-cooled Porsches deserved their own event, one that celebrated the respected marque. Zuffengruppe was born.

Zuffengruppe began as the shared passion of air-cooled Porsches. Whether it’s a Pre-A, 914 1.7 or 993 Carrera RS, all air-cooled Porsches share the same DNA. That high-pitched metallic wail that raises the hairs on the back of your neck like no other engine, is what keeps it pure to its roots. Zuffengruppe later expanded to include vintage front-engined Porsches (924s,944s, and 928s).

In 2021 Coffee & Classics Boulder began and quickly grew a large and diverse following of vintage Porsches.

The annual Zuffengruppe events are simple, elegant and original, like the vintage Porsches we drive. The events are unique gatherings where vintage Porsche enthusiasts and collectors share their cars and stories. Zuffengruppe is where friends reconnect annually and new friendships are made.